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    i had an oscar fish my aquarium was normal means there was no heater on my aquarium it jumped for sometime but after 1 hour it remains still at the bottom i was very afraid but i cant do any thing it was night i slelpt and when i woke up it was no more it was a terriblle scene for me and now i will not brougt any oscar fish until i have had an.
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    My oscar fish is losing scales and having a white mark on her head not a hole but a kind mark And beyond that there is a cut on her right fin so it is like seprated in two Also i have 4 baby oscars in one tank plzz help is it a disease. diseases oscars. answer #2. Carley. 3 years ago.
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    Oscar Fish Lover will provide you with information such as setting up an aquarium, what to feed your Oscar and what tankmates are suitable.
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